STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Keeping Warm And Staying Trendy

Everyone this winter is trying to bundle up as much as possible to keep warm from the freezing cold. Most people resort to yoga pants, sweatshirts and UGG boots. Then there are the well-known, old school oversized sweaters. Have you taken part in this blast from the past trend? It is a necessity to own a few of these to assemble cozy but chic looks.

This Fashionista is one of the many students that carries out the number one style that VCU is most known for—hipster. She is rocking an urban business-chic look but with a touch of comfy cozy with the most popular go-to this season—the oversized sweater. They are most commonly found while thrifting through the streets of Richmond at local consignment shops and Goodwill. Oversized “grandpa” sweaters come in all sorts of styles, fabrics and patterns; plus they add a vintage touch. You can throw one on over leggings for class or you can incorporate them with a jacket to add some diversity amongst layering.

Here she tucked it into a pair of cotton, skinny, harem pants. Harem pants are a throwback to the ’60s. They are extremely comfortable and can be trendy no matter how you style them. On top she wears a cardigan jacket, not only for the chilly weather but to complete her look. Staying warm has its perks. Cardigans come in so many colors and patterns and can be thrown on top of any look. They are also great for the layering trend, staying warm and completing your look for the day or night. Her shoes are buckled booties that can be worn with or without socks underneath, depending on the season. Booties with a small wedge or heel are a great way to dress up your outfit and to bring together the ultimate look you’re going for, whether it’s business casual, a lunch date or night out on the town. To top it off, she added a long shoulder purse. It resembles a smaller traveling bag or business bag. Accessorizing is key, even though you may be traveling from class to class on campus. Instead of using a backpack, grab a tote bag or, as this Fashionista did, a long business bag that is wide enough to hold a laptop.

In particular, this Fashionista was able to conduct a trendy look by knowing the main focus is keeping warm. These oversized sweaters are taking over campuses all over the East coast. Winter is a great season of endless styles, keep warm but make it your own.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “If you like something just go for it. Don’t waste time worrying about how people might view you. Express yourself through your own style, that is what makes you unique and never be sorry about it.”