Having always worked in eclectic retail stores like Urban Outfitters and specialty vintage boutiques, it normally takes a statement look or piece to catch my eye. I enjoy unique mash-ups of clothing items and accessories that wouldn’t be expected to work well together, and I appreciate individuality showing through in one’s personal style. However, with that said, it’s nearly impossible to look past a good classic outfit that is well executed. While it’s fun to have a closet that is full of vivid colors, diverse layering pieces and compelling patterns, it’s not always functional to only have outfits that are loud in appearance. Sometimes the best looks are the ones that are kept the most simple.

In this respect, it’s a universal truth that nearly nothing tops the combination of a pair of skinny jeans, a white blouse and a pair of booties. Having always been a sucker for the American ’50s reminiscent fashion of a white T-shirt and jeans, I immediately fell for this Fashionista’s modern take on the traditional look. Instead of opting for a simple white T-shirt, she dressed up the look with a white chiffon blouse with a pearl Peter Pan collar. In choosing a skinny fit pair of blue jeans versus the old school bootcut or straight, she proudly accentuated her body and the subtle femininity of her style. To top off her outfit she wore a pair of leather caramel platform booties (perhaps my favorite part of her look) which again added to her effortlessly modern-chic attire. As it’s now the end of summer classes here at Florida State University, people are getting their fall wardrobes ready. The best thing about keeping it simple with classic looks such as this one is that it easily translates into all seasons, and is not pigeonholed into one activity or event in which you can wear it. Take this look to the classroom or out on the town!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My main priority with the clothes I buy and wear is that I can use them time and time again without having to worry if I’m too dressed up or underdressed. Keep things easy; just because something may seem basic doesn’t mean it can’t contribute to an awesome look.”