This Fashionista sure knows how to make an outfit look sleek and professional! This outfit could be appropriate for a lot of different occasions: from a more casual interview, to a day at class, to a night out with the girls. With the weather in Chicago reaching slightly warmer temperatures, we tights lovers are able to whip them out again for one last hurrah!

The shorts with tights look is one that many don’t think they can pull off. I used to think that you were meant to pair jean shorts with tights, and I wasn’t really aware of all of the different types of shorts that one can wear. To pair with tights, the best kinds of shorts to wear are definitely baggier, like the ones that our Fashionista is rocking above. Flared, dark colored shorts are the best and most comfortable option for the weather right now and the style. To keep from having an outfit that makes you look too full, pair the flair shorts with a tighter fitting top and voila, a perfect silhouette.

Anybody can achieve this super fashionable look! Grab a pair of layered scallop shorts, like these, from TOBI. Then, add this tight-fitting long sleeve from Brandy Melville. Lastly, add fun booties like these from NASTY GAL! And, of course, don’t forget the all-important basic black tights.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Statement necklaces really make your outfit stand out, don’t be afraid to mix it up!”