This summer I’m all about keeping it simple because summer is the time of year where you get to be as casual as possible. In fall and winter, you have to layer to stay warm and in spring you are still transitioning out of those layers. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love layering, but when I get the chance in the summer to just be as casual as possible, I relish in the opportunity.

Today’s Fashionista agrees with the same sentiment as she shows off an outfit that is perfect for a casual summer look. She is wearing a pair of loose patterned black and white pants and an oversized black T-shirt. Pants like today’s Fashionista come in so many varieties this season: try these black and white ones or this gorgeous blue and white pair. She finished off her look with a neutral colored Longchamp bag and black leather sandals with gold detailing. Her top and pants are casual in nature as they are made of cotton. I believe that cotton is the perfect fabric for summer, especially in Florida, because it is soft, breathable and comfortable—all essential qualities for a fabric to have in humid weather.

A look like this shows how you can still be chic and casual at the same time. She is showing off major summer trends that I love seeing this season with an overall loose-fitting pieces, her Ikat-inspired print and her neutral tones running throughout the outfit. I have pieces just like this in my wardrobe and today’s Fashionista has given me the inspiration to pull them out of my closet this week.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “In the summer most people are all about bright colors. Don’t get me wrong I wear color all the time, but don’t be afraid to stick with black and white. They are classic colors that never go out of style and work for so many different looks.”