STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Keep it Simple, Dude

Lets face it: guys have it much easier when it comes to style. It seems like no one can do casual like they can, and that’s due to the lack of options in our retail stores for men. The assumption that retailers is make that guys don’t care about style. The best part about this generation (yay millennials!) is the change we bring, especially in regards to fashion: we have seen a rise in stylish menswear. Guys are feeling more confident to put more effort in their style and learn how to accessorize. It’s totally not taboo anymore for a guy to ask another guy about his appearance and guys are even having conversations with girls about style. What makes a man’s outfit attractive is when it looks effortless and it has ties to his personality, interests, etc. Guys are starting to learn that their clothing is an extension of them and realize the confidence that comes along with style.

Outerwear is essential during the fall and guys have the privilege of wearing oversized sweaters and jackets with ease. This Fashionisto opted to wear an athleisure inspired outfit. Pairing a gray hoodie with a sporty team jacket is the easiest way to ensure comfort and style. Who says team jackets are out of style? A well-fitting pair of jeans paired with dope kicks ties the outfit together. The best part about accessorizing is wearing it so well you don’t even realize it’s a part of the outfit. Nothing is sweeter that noticing the fine details on a guys’ outfit such as a necklace, watch or a cool pair of socks. This Fashionisto is wearing a simple jade necklace with a gold chain, which adds a cool touch to a casual outfit. Keeping it simple isn’t boring; it’s chic and eye catching. Guys don’t be intimidated to accessorize and having style is easier than it thinks and seems.