June 1st, 2015 at 2:00am

As summertime approaches, the season for bonfires, summer concerts and late night parties begin. This means comfort is definitely an important factor to consider when choosing the perfect outfit to wear out.

This Fashionista shows us a great example of the ideal “on the go” summer look. Not only is this outfit perfect for cool nights, it’s the perfect for warmer temperatures.

Sometimes keeping an outfit simple is the best way to go. Crazy pattern shorts and tops are slowing fading out of the spotlight as new inspirations of the laid back bohemian styles start to pop up in stores. Plain outfits leave a great opportunity for accessories to create the perfect look. This Fashionista combined her floral backpack, retro style sunglasses and even some jazzy nail art designs to add some spark to the simple boho styled outfit.

The floral backpack is the key element for the entire outfit because it is the main focus. Because of the trendy, vintage floral pattern it stands out perfectly against the deep maroon top. So if you hate wearing too many accessories, try picking out one accessory that you think will stand out to complete the style you are trying to achieve.

Too much accessorizing could take away a lot of attention away from the outfit itself, and can make you uncomfortable on those unbearable hot days. Another way to accessorize yourself is by what you carry with you.

Never forget to wear comfy shoes if you are planning a road trip. This Fashionista rocks her neutral colored TOMS shoes with a maroon shirt. TOMS shoes go great with just about anything, especially in the summer when you are bound to do a lot of adventuring!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Keep it light and simple in the summer!”