STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Keep it Fun, Keep it Light

This gorgeous Fashionista has captured the epitome of summer and mastered the perfect balance between put-together yet carefree. She looks stunning yet relaxed with her natural blonde hair, makeup-less face and casual T-shirt and shorts.

This Fashionista’s unkempt hair looks phenomenal and cascades over her shoulder effortlessly. If it gets hot out she could also put it up in a relaxed ponytail or bun and still maintain her relaxed composure. Her hair is also an excellent contrast to her blue T-shirt and shorts, which also bring out her beautiful blue eyes.

The blue of her ensemble contrast with her tan Birkenstocks, which also maintain her relaxed feel. The Fashionista’s toes remain unpainted, which continue her natural persona. Her Birks match with her tan and white oversized KORS Michael Kors bag, which adds a put-together yet summer feel to this look, and also contrasts with her the blue of her shirt and jean shorts.

She wears minimal jewelry, except for her belly button ring and tiny stud earrings. Some outfits come together with accessories, while this outfit comes together because of the minimal accessories involved. The summer is a time to be minimal with bracelets and rings, just because it can get so hot out and while these items may add to your outfit, they can get very uncomfortable in the heat and make you more miserable than anything. This Fashionista has made the artistic choice to ditch the accessories and focus on the simplicity of her outfit. Because of this, she couldn’t look more excellent and summery.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I’m very simplistic, not too much jewelry. I like it very clean and simple.”