June has just begun, which means the weather is really starting to heat up. I spent the last week in Michigan visiting my family and fortunately we were lucky enough to experience some sunny skies. I have always had a harder time putting together outfits that are cute but still keep me cool during these hotter months, and this Fashionista has some advice we can all follow to keep it cool throughout the summer.

Sometimes dressing stylish and comfortable while keeping yourself cool can be a challenge, but I found this Fashionista and this outfit makes me want to wear jeans year-round! One of my favorite summer trends is the all-white look, because it looks sleek and put together. This Fashionista does an awesome job of pairing her white items with light wash jeans to add some versatility, but also a little color to the outfit. These distressed, light wash jeans are an essential for any Fashionista who likes to have fun in the sun and the light fabric makes them comfortable and moveable. Pairing these jeans with any kind of flowy tank or T-shirt can keep you from getting too warm while outside. And the classic sneakers add to the sleek, all-white look. The accessories are very subtle, but by adding sunglasses and some bright earrings, you can dress the outfit up and also make the outfit unique.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?: “I put together items that keep me comfortable and cool. I don’t focus too much on the overall appearance of the outfit at first because if it’s not comfortable, I won’t wear it. It is just important to me that I can move around and do things in my clothing, especially in the summer.”