There is nothing better than being a confident Fashionista. Whether you are rocking a trendy pair of sunglasses or statement shoes, showing your style is a key to being confident. In D.C., Fashionistas are everywhere, always keeping up with the latest trends. While I was walking to class, I spotted this Fashionista a block away and had to catch up to her to ask her about her statement jacket!

This Fashionista wore a casual black T-shirt but decided to pair it with statement accessories. First, the Fashionista’s jeans were ripped and textured, making sure to spice up her black top. I loved the wash of the jeans because they can easily be worn during the day or night. She paired her jeans with a classic short pair of Frye boots. Her casual all-black boots are a great staple to have in any Fashionista’s closest. Easy to throw on when you are running late to class or you need something to wear for happy hour, you can count on these shoes!

The main part of this outfit though, is the Fashionista’s jacket. The jacket can be noticed from at least a block away, making sure to let everyone know how bold the jacket is! This Fashionista’s jacket was from a flea market in L.A. this past summer. The Fashionista found this jacket and knew she needed to have it! Wearing this statement jacket with a classic all black outfit is a great way to pair the two together. This jacket can be thrown on easily during the spring and fall and it will make any outfit a statement outfit.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Try something new this spring! Whether it is getting a statement jacket to throw on or buying a pair of fun shoes, try switching it up! Don’t be afraid to buy something new!”