STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Juxtaposing Various Fabrics

During the cold months in the northeast, students often wear oversized clothes that are dull and monotonous. Due to the freezing weather, students limit their choices and opt for the typical wool sweater, a The North Face puffer jacket and Bean Boots. As a common tendency, people stop exploring the different styles available during the winter season. Fortunately, this Fashionista introduced creativity and incorporated a diverse range of textiles into her winter outfit.

In any outfit, the type of fabric used for a jacket or a pair of pants plays a fundamental role. For example, a leather dress creates a different mood and atmosphere than a dress made out of silk or cotton. Observing the outfit photographed above, the Fashionista brings depth and character through her jean button-down, cable knit vest, twill trousers and leather shoes. As one can see, each article of clothing conveys a different effect, but when put together, the look achieves a sense of harmony. The Fashionista layers her cable knit vest over her jean button-down shirt, which shows texture and makes the eye focus on the outfit’s main focus. Her jean button-down gives off a Western feel and her vest is a modern twist from the traditional cable knit sweater. With her outdoorsy leather shoes, the Fashionista gives off a rustic style.  As the Fashionista described her outfit, she mentioned that her clothes are vintage, which further enhances the authentic look.

Any student can easily assemble an ordinary top with a vest; however, this Fashionista shows the skills necessary to match various fabrics into one chic look. Instead of wearing a cotton long sleeve with a typical knitted cardigan, she goes beyond the surface and searches for more creativity.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Avoid the typical winter outfit such as a sweatshirt with blue jeans and riding boots. Wear bold assembles by combining multiple fabrics that are not ordinarily put together. The different fabrics will intrigue everyone around you, but make sure each element complements each other into one cohesive look.”