This Fashionista evidently has a spirit overflowing with exuberance to share with the world surrounding. This is obviously unique in her colorful and vivacious top. Going out on a limb does not trouble her fun-loving spirit, and her outfit matches that with such grace and ease.

Although clouds may be high in the sky, this Fashionista is nevertheless free to be herself and love herself just the way she is. Her spirit is free. She chooses to be herself, an original that is worth more than a copy. This Fashionista’s authenticity is true to the core and she loves herself where she is right here, right now. The love she has for herself is not dependent on whether she accomplishes her day’s to-do lists or whether she resists that fighting urge to eat that second helping of ice cream. No, this Fashionista’s love stems from something that is so much more and allows her to love herself just the way she is. Her love does not waver for it radiates from that of solid rock.

This exuberant top is a pivotal point for this Fashionista’s outfit because any other top would simply not complement her spirit nearly as well. The short haircut genuinely goes well with the Fashionista’s perky and joyous self.

The relatively simple jean shorts allow the outfit to be balanced between complex patterns on top and a simple almost pattern-less bottom. The simplicity of the shorts of denim permits this Fashionista to have a more condensed pattern on top. To ironically top off this Fashionista’s style, she decides to go shoeless, a humbling act that again reflects the free, authentic and loving nature of this Fashionista.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Be free. Be you. Love yourself.”