Micro-suede is one of my favorite fabrics this season. It looks good on everyone and can be made into just about anything. Jackets, shirts, boots, bags and even skirts can be found fashioned out of micro-suede. Celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Rosie Huntington-Whitely have been seen wearing the wonder fabric. It can be worn with anything in your closet for a unexpected, yet trendy look. Micro-suede was very popular this winter but I expect it to remain a staple in people’s wardrobes for spring as well.

This Fashionista’s outfit immediately caught my attention. This look features a winter palette with layered spring pieces. She is rocking an olive micro-suede skirt with a printed shirt that gives off a bohemian vibe, stockings and black leather boots. Her tortoise shell sunglasses and jacket with leather details add structure to this outfit and are perfect for walking to class or meeting up with some friends on Main Street for brunch. When talking to this awesome Fashionista I learned more about her personal style and all the details on where she picked up some of these amazing pieces.

Her gold accessories perfectly complemented her entire outfit. The necklace and ring were delicate enough to not distract the eye but when I got closer I realized how intricate they were. Her ring was gifted to her by her grandmother which is made of antique turquoise and pearl. It was amazing how each piece to her look had a story, it’s obvious she is confident about her RAD style!

Since it is still pretty chilly some days this outfit perfectly transitions from winter to spring. For a more spring-appropriate look, skip the stockings and play around with colors and accessories!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Clothing can give you that extra boost of confidence, I get excited to to pick out a new outfit that will show off my personality. Also, don’t splurge on a dress you’ll wear once. Splurge on the necklace or sunglasses that you’ll wear almost everyday.”