What is comfortable, trendy and supremely easy for guys and girls to pull off? If you were thinking the fashion lover’s sweatpants, you were right. All over campuses in America, men are opting for a more structured version of their beloved sweatpants. Joggers are a new type of loungewear that can be easily dressed up enough for class or a casual weekend outing. This fashionable take on fleece pants is accessible to all types of men, from the more stylish guy to the athletic guy. Brands like adidas and Nike have a wide variety of these pants made for the guy who likes to go from class to the gym. This Fashionisto in particular pairs the pants with a basic hoodie to work with the casual vibe. His sleek glasses and athletic shoes tie the outfit together.

The best part of joggers is that they taper towards the ankle, lending an outfit some stylish structure. These pants can be worn with sweaters or T-shirts, depending on the weather or the look you are going for.

This advice isn’t just for the boys; ladies can rock these pants as well! You can try going for a masculine style with more fitted pieces when wearing these pants. For the spring, you can pair a crop top with the pants and some cute heels to dress up the outfit and make it more feminine. Add a clutch for a low maintenance look that can transition easily from day to night.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? ” I think that it’s important to keep a sharp image a majority of the time, and taking the five minutes to do your hair can really pull together an outfit. It’s not only about the clothes.”