STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Jumping On The Jumpsuit Bandwagon

Putting together an outfit can be time consuming and stressful. Coming up with things that coordinate are comfortable and stylish can feel like a full time job. Jumpsuits are the perfect solution to this problem. Jumpsuits are similar to rompers, which look like dresses but instead of having a free flowing, skirt bottom, they are shorts. Like rompers, jumpsuits are an all in one outfit, but instead of being shorts, they are pants. This article of clothing is perfect when you are running out of things to wear, or only have a short period of time to get ready. You just slip on one piece, accessorize and you are ready to go!

Jumpsuits come in various prints, colors and styles. You can opt for loose bottoms or the tighter, jogger-like pant option. The possibilities are endless. You can really dress up jumpsuits by paring them with heels and fancy jewelry, or dress them down by switching heels for sandals and tossing on a jacket.

This Fashionista looked totally put together even though she confessed she was in a rush to get ready that morning. She wore a black jumpsuit that cinched at the waist with drawstrings, making the ensemble perfect for everyday, casual wear. Her black jumpsuit with gold hardware matched her delicate gold jewelry perfectly. The black wedges gave her outfit a summery vibe. She chose to wear her hair up and off her face, securing fly-aways with a simple black headband.

What Is Your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Choosing to wear an all in one article of clothing made getting ready so much easier and stress free. Instead of focusing on finding matching pieces, I could think about accessories instead!”