STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Jump into Jumpsuits

July 9th, 2015 at 2:00am

We’ve all fallen for rompers over the last few summers, but there’s a new sheriff in town. The difference is simple: rompers feature a bodice connected to short length bottoms, while jumpsuits feature a bodice connected to pant length bottoms. In short, jumpsuits are rompers’ long lost, longer length cousin.

So, how did jumpsuits even become a thing? Everyone loves to be comfy and chic, and jumpsuits fit that description to a tee. Also, jumpsuits are an all in one outfit because they are both a top and bottom in one piece. Usually, we associate shorter length bottoms with summertime, but have no fear! Jumpsuits are very breezy during the warm summer months. They’re also a little more practical than dresses, especially on those pesky windy days!

This Fashionista picked a solid indigo-colored jumpsuit with delicate white embroidery. Color is key when picking a jumpsuit for the summer season. Darker colors like blue, purple and black or light colors like blush, taupe and white are best for concealing signs of perspiration. Avoid light gray or medium shades like pink, orange or green which highlight perspiration. The high neckline swings the material away from her shoulders and forms a triangle shape, making them appear slimmer. The triangle shape also pulls your eye inward to the embroidery detailing, highlighting the feminine element of the jumpsuit. It’s important to have a feminine cut or element in a jumpsuit so that it doesn’t look masculine. This jumpsuit also balances the cinched ankles of the pants with a neatly constructed top. The cinched waist in between the perfectly balanced top and cinched ankles is figure-flattering and creates curves.

She paired the jumpsuit with simple neutral wedges to make her look more suited towards summer. Summery bangles and a state necklace personalize her look. The lilac tone of one of the bangles complements the purple tone of the indigo jumpsuit. This one accessory highlights the coloring of the jumpsuit and is aesthetically pleasing, as it is a few tones lighter than the jumpsuit itself.

Jumpsuits create the perfect canvas for a quick and fashionable outfit. They’re practical, comfortable and easy. Honestly, what more could we ask of a trendy clothing item?

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Having a go-to piece of clothing that never fails you is so important, especially during summer when you have a lot of different activities going on in one day. It’s always nice to go out and not regret what you put on that morning. Start your jumpsuit obsession today and never spend another day counting down the hours until you can change into comfy clothes!”