There are many different kinds of pants out in the world today that are fan favorites like jeans, leggings and harem pants. But the most popular pants right now are joggers. Joggers are versatile pants that are not only comfortable but super stylish! You can wear joggers at your job with heels or you can even wear them on your way to class with your favorite sneakers. But when you think of buying joggers you think to go with the basic colors like black, white or gray because, let’s face it, those colors go with everything, right? But what about the other colors in the color palette for pants? They have an array of colors for joggers from dark colors like blues and purples to light colors like pinks and yellows. This Fashionisto’s green joggers are just the pop of color to show how it is done when it comes to wearing colorful joggers.

Even though joggers are comfortable and versatile, they can also be somewhat tricky to wear because the many different colors can be very hard to pair with something in your closet, as some joggers come in very weird colors where you end up asking yourself, “I have nothing that would go with this color, what should I wear?” But luckily for this Fashionisto, he had no problems pairing his green joggers, giving his outfit a certain edge that came out flawless. I loved how he realized that his green joggers were a weird but beautiful green, so why not make that the pop of color in his outfit? He paired it with a black button-down vest and black textured dress shoes, giving it a classy, sophisticated feel. I loved the accessories he chose. His gold chain were sure to make a statement, and his stylish Michael Kors gold watch and his brown and gold studs were very simple but still added to the sophisticated feeling. This Fashionisto knew what to do with his crazy colored joggers.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Make sure when doing colored pants keep the top simple where you can really appreciate the color of the pants even more.”