“Athleisure” is all the rage right now as yoga pants and leggings have become acceptable everyday wear thanks to some of my favorite celebrity style icons. It’s no surprise that a fashion forward twist on sweatpants would inevitably happen one day as joggers hit the runway everywhere, including my very own campus.

It’s safe to say that we’re thankful this trend has taken off just in time for Florida’s chilly winter mornings that progressively get warmer throughout the day. While these pants are baggy they’re the perfect amount of coverage when dealing with varying temperatures. However, they can easily be mistaken for pajamas or a disheveled look all dependent on how you style it so wearing a tighter top with loose fitting pants is ideal to avoid a shapeless appearance.

This Fashionista executes her sporty-chic style effortlessly! The detail of the light blue moto stacked joggers adds a satisfying pop of color and texture to the otherwise monochromatic ensemble. She tucked her sweats into leather high-top Converse All-Stars and threw on a hooded leather jacket to create an appearance that speaks fashion and comfort at the same time. As the afternoon approaches she can easily ditch the leather jacket and still seize the day in style whether it be to class or out to lunch. Her additional accessories include a black beanie and wrap around Balenciaga bracelet to add a simple yet necessary touch to this street style trend. I’d say this outfit illustrates the jogger craze to a tee!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Even if you’re on the go and just in a hurry to throw something on and run errands, joggers are the perfect garments that you can still manage to look cute!”