July 28th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hands down, the weather and scenery of summer are two of its best aspects— along with the fact that the lives of students thankfully don’t revolve around spending hours in classrooms, for the most part. With brighter and warmer weather, we see fashion and style evolving in the same way too. Brighter colors, fun prints, warm colors, people start to feel a lot more comfortable taking risks. Colorful jerseys are popping up more and more now a days and I can’t lie, the designs and patterns of fashion jerseys are getting better and better!

The element of a fashion jersey is extremely simple but can bring so much fun and life to your outfit. Especially right now, if you walk into a mall or are shopping online, a great fashion jersey is usually never that far away from you. PacSun has put out a line of mesh baseball jerseys this season that have had so many people adding jerseys with colorful patterns and extensive designs to their closets. This element allows Fashionistos pull out something fresh to pair the rest of their look with, so they can be stylish ready to head out with their friends or just run some errands.

This Fashionisto takes on his outfit and accompanies his jersey with Nike Air Flight Huaraches. They have just as bold of a pattern, so his outfit has great color detail even down to his shoes, (not to mention they’re one of the most wanted shoes right now). Finishing off with a snapback and cuffed joggers so that his shoes can make a statement definitely makes this outfit fun but comfortable enough to get his day started! Overall, a great fashion jersey is versatile enough to dress and tailor so that it can be appropriate for just about any time of day!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “A jersey with patterns and designs on it can add to your wardrobe and make you step out of the box with your look. Adding a lot more color than you’re used to into your outfit can be intimidating sometimes but it lets you pair clothes together in a new way every time.”