When thinking about jerseys, we often think about sweaty men engaging in intense physical activity. However, jerseys have a place in the fashion world, as well. Whether you want to look stylish while going to a sporting event or need something cute for a day around town, jerseys are comfortable and trendy.

This Fashionista dug through her dad’s closet and found his old baseball jersey. Not only is it very vintage, but it was also free of charge and that’s great for any college student on a budget. The jersey helps create the perfect grunge look. If you’re in a hurry, grab your guy’s jersey on any game day for a quick and relaxed outfit that shows off your team spirit. The mesh material makes the jersey ultra-comfortable and breezy for any hot summer day. You can pair it with thigh-highs for a more sultry look, or an oversized sweater and Converse for a comfy outfit to wear to class.

This Fashionista managed to thrift a blue, plaid button-down that moves the look to the retro-grunge side of the fashion spectrum. She paired this jersey dress with Vans, which are practical and adorable. Her simple accessories complement the simplicity of the rest of the outfit and the rose gold sunglasses are quirky, just like the dress and flannel combo. Scrunchies are definitely coming back into style and this Fashionista’s scrunchie goes well with her retro style. I love her simple, beige cross-body purse; it’s just the right size and the color will work with almost any outfit.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My main focus these days is shopping affordably. This outfit was almost entirely thrifted, and I’ve found that my style works perfectly with thrift store finds. So, if you’re aiming for a grunge look, head to a thrift store and scavenge because there are always hidden gems, especially when you’re looking for an oversized jersey like this one.”