While I appreciate the color black for its many attributes, I’ve never been too keen on all-black outfits. It’s a heavy, often dull look that has the potential to morph into a human’s silhouette. It is also probably not the best idea to wear too much black seeing as there are some impending heat waves. I don’t want to rip people apart from the New York uniform, but I think that there is a better way of wearing black in the heat.

For instance, this Fashionista stuck to the black and white look, but kept a soft, subtle baby blue skirt. This skirt lightens up the look and adds a freshness that is perfect for summer. Allowing the one color to stand out from the black backdrop makes the look stand out as a whole. Imagine the baby blue is instead black. It may ultimately be a chic look, but it wouldn’t even be on the radar at more than a few yards away.

Having a single pop of color does not only apply to all-black wears. For people who enjoy wearing bright colors regularly, it is another way of styling those same colors or patterns. Black and white accessories playing backup dancers can make any color or print instantly more sophisticated (I mean, little black boots have that affect on outfits.) Sunglasses with a feminine retro frame or a chunky belt to define the waist both add character to the blank slate that is black and white. Black goes with everything, right? So, why not pair it with something easy on the eyes.

This is an easy styling trick that literally anyone can achieve. You don’t even need to buy anything to make this happen, since the pop could come from a skirt, some shoes or a jacket. That’s what makes this work so well—the ease and comfort of it. It’s a good day when you know you look good without trying.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Pick out what make you comfortable. If you want to be bold about it, stay in your comfort zone!”