In fashion, a statement can be made with small details. The transformative ability of individual aspects is actually one of my favorite parts of the industry. Different choices in color, clothing construction elements and fabric all have the capacity to create a large impact on any given look. These minor, but eye-catching details are best featured when layered upon black staple pieces. Black may not be a traditional summer color, but I strongly stand by my belief that black is acceptable for any and every outfit, season or occasion.

This Fashionista incorporates many of the summer’s trends in her outfit, and does so with such an effortless finesse that it doesn’t feel overwhelming. The high-waisted short and crop top combo is all the rage this summer, and in a classic denim and black (respectively), the execution feels natural instead of forced. Additionally, an all-neutral outfit allows pops of color to be showcased. In this instance, the focus color is created through the use of a beautiful purple-pink lipstick. Who doesn’t love their favorite lip color?

The finishing touch to this look is the black leather backpack. A black-on-black pairing (like this shirt and bag) is broken up perfectly by varying textures. Personally, I love that backpacks are a current fashion staple. Not only do they look adorable slung over a shoulder, but there is so much storage space. Where else am I going to put the eight completely necessary, different lip products that I have to carry with me at all times!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I don’t even do jewelry anymore. I do lipstick!”