June 1st, 2015 at 2:00am

Hot, humid and denim are not typically words that pair well, until now. Meet the denim jacket, a casual yet classic staple for any wardrobe that will make your summer style a breeze. Dress it up or dress it down as the limit does not exist.

When thinking of denim jackets, an all-American feeling comes to mind, and what’s more American than a shopping spree on Memorial Day weekend or a barbecue on the Fourth of July? Versatile to no end, denim jackets can be thrown over any outfit and completely transform it. With subtle flare, a denim jacket can be both chic and handy. Even if the heat becomes overwhelming during the day, when the sun starts to set and the breeze kicks in, a denim jacket is the perfect lightweight jacket to keep you warm and comfortable. In the meantime, toss that jacket over your shoulder or tie it around your waist for a fun play on the early ‘00s.

Between her denim jacket and chunky gold watch, this Fashionista is not afraid to edge up her delicate outfit. Catering to hints of masculinity, she ignites a sense of comfort and confidence in her look. Her playful use of her denim jacket against the pale hue of her dress and dainty jewelry creates a drastic contrast that better draws in the eye. To top off a classic look, she adds a pair of iconic shades, fully embracing the all-American nonchalance a summer wardrobe needs.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: “Just wear what makes you comfortable and what you like. Don’t worry about what other people think.”