STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Island Style on the Mainland

Fashion is like drugs without illegality or danger. It can take you to a higher place without health risks and can make you see things in ways you have never seen them before. For instance, a Chicago Bulls jersey can be viewed one way as an athletic uniform or it can be transformed into an entirely different look when paired with the right snapback and towering stilettos (thank you Miley Cyrus). Even a pop of color, what I like to refer to as a “P.O.C,” is another way to showcase an accessory in a new and inventive way.

When you see a fashion statement that’s a little bit obscure, it sort of shakes you; it can center you in on that specific article of clothing or outfit for a brief moment in time. I had a similar experience this weekend.

Parked on the side of a road, hazards flashing, cars passing, a photoshoot was taking place in a neighboring soybean field. The stalks were perfectly green and the sky was serenely blue. Out of the passenger door jumped an inspiring Fashionista slaying an electric blue Hawaiian printed button-down, denim shorts and neon pink boots. The contrast between her outfit and the nature surrounding her was utterly mesmerizing.

This combination of electric blue and neon pink on a Hawaiian shirt erased the typical stereotype of shirts like this that I had in mind. Prior to this, I envisioned sweaty old men wearing Hawaiian shirts, bucket hats and tall socks with sandals standing in a buffet line on a cruise ship. This eye opening experience influenced my will to welcome Hawaiian shirts that were once boxed up in overpriced storage units, that reek of mothballs and my grandmother’s Chanel No. Five perfume into my life for the first time. I am fully supporting the return of the newly thought out Hawaiian shirt, a trend that repurposes a former lost cause and adds hilarity and fun to pretty much any look.

See!  I wasn’t entirely mental to compare fashion to a drug induced experience. New styles, like the one I witnessed this weekend, opened my eyes to something I may not have ever seen. It changed my outlook on the traditional Hawaiian shirt garbage we’ve seen in the past. So, sayōnara to all those Hawaiian shirt haters out there; open yourself up to the endless possibilities that different fashion statements present you with, and try not to be so closed-minded. Here’s to looking at this Fashionista; keep standing out and inspiring others to see things in a different light!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I am a fan of a good Hawaiian shirt. It’s perfect for any ‘darty’ (day party) and it’s always fun to have intriguing pieces like this one hanging around in your closet.”