STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Is it A Shirt? Dress? How About Both!

There are few things greater in the fashion world than a shirt dress. The comfort of an oversized shirt is combined with the flair of a dress. The amazing hybrid of a T-shirt and a dress is something undeniably awesome! Although most popularly known for being a casual garment, shirt dresses can even be versatile enough to pass for a fancier occasion. They can come in all sorts of patterns, prints, bling and colors. Clearly, this trend is a major summer essential and adored by many girls who want to rock comfort in a chic way.

I fell in love with the way this Fashionista styled this trend. Her stripes gave off a nautical vibe, which played along beautifully with her casual pony tail. I found myself adoring the fact that the best part of a shirt dress is that they are the perfect foundation for accessories. This Fashionista wore a metallic gold cross-body bag (my favorite summer accessory) along with simple pearls and bold blue nails.

What initially caught my eye was the pink beaded bracelet this Fashionista was wearing. Not only was it adorable, but it came with a personal story. This bracelet is a part of the Little Worlds Project. This specific bracelet that spelled out, “L.Blonde” was one of many that her sorority created in honor of Kaitlyn Doorhy, sorority sister who passed in 2014. The best part of the bracelets is that they are meant to be passed on between friends, family and anyone who may need some happiness, inspiration and encouragement.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Summer is my favorite season to kick back, dress down and beach it.”