Everyone has a trend they’re scared to try. Whether it’s bright patterns or daring crop tops, we’ve all got one. For many, that trend is mixing textures. Forget different patterns or clashing colors; mixing textures is a new trend that I’ve seen rising in popularity. But being popular doesn’t mean it isn’t scary. When mixing textures, you want to make sure you’ve got a cohesive look, rather than a hodgepodge of different fabrics.

This Fashionista I found walking to work knows just how to do that. She created a flattering, girly look while incorporating several textures into her outfit! I love that this look combines so many fabrics and looks put together. To do this, she applied a very neutral color scheme with one major stand out color. Additionally, she kept her pieces basic.

She started her look with a basic top and skirt combination, but made the outfit interesting with textures. While the shirt is sheer and patterned, the skirt is quilted and a solid color. The white of the top adds sophistication to the look, while the bright yellow of the skirt brings charm and a major flirt factor! The denim jacket adds a bit of flair to the look as well, but doesn’t clash with the base of the outfit. Finally, this Fashionista pulled the look together with a matching belt and sandals. She accessorized with a small pendant necklace and sunglasses.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “For a really put together look, make sure you’ve got cool shoes, a jacket and either a necklace or a scarf.”