STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Interviews In The Fashion World

Simple clothing items can be worn in extraordinary ways. Sometimes the simplest outfits can make for the best blank canvas to add color and dimension with accessories. Pops of color and accessories are a girl’s new best friend in this day and age. Today a lot of people believe that when you are adding a pop of color to your outfit the brighter it is the better. Others believe that the traditional route is always the right one. As you can see from this Fashionista’s look that both these theories are far from true.

When I spotted this Fashionista I thought to myself “she has on the perfect outfit for a day like this for a nice lunch date with your girls.” So I’m sure you could believe my surprise when she told me that she was actually coming from an interview. My previous idea of perfect interview outfits went out the door immediately. The usual girl’s interview outfit includes pencil skirts, blazers, blouses, dress pants and low heels. Which is all perfectly fine depending on the business or positions, but this Fashionista threw all those rules out and took a lively and fresh route from the norm. She had an interview for a position with an up-and-coming store named Evereve. In this case her look was perfect with her open back, white shirt paired with white jeans showed that she was conservative, but not afraid to take risk. Her wedges showed that she was not afraid too stand out from the crowd and take a stand when need be. Her pale pink clutch showed that she was fashion-forward and was able to pair accessories well with the color scheme. And well, who doesn’t just love a great pair of sunglasses? Nonetheless, all the pieces of her outfit came together to say that she would fit into the world of fashion retail perfectly.

What is your STYLE ADIVCE OF THE WEEK? “First impressions are important. Don’t be afraid to show off who you are and take risks that you know others wouldn’t. In the end it will help you to be remembered.”