There is no doubt that the never-ending infinity scarf is the best winter trend to ever happen since winter fashion itself. They are warm, super soft and oh so cute. This Fashionista totally rocked her scarf with an ensemble that instantly caught my eye.

Most days during the winter, dressing up and still staying warm is a challenge. It’s usually a decision of keeping that extra layer on to stay warm or sacrifice a little for a great look. With an infinity scarf, you can stay warm and look great all in one (score!). The scarf is essentially a long neck warmer that loops together and never ends. You can wrap it around your neck two or three times and feel all comfy and bundled up. Who doesn’t love that cozy feeling?

Although its easy to just throw on a scarf like this with just about anything, it’s always important that you make sure the look blends together well. This Fashionista is basically a walking explanation as to why infinity scarves are so trendy. Pairing this scarf with an adorable coat and boots and knee-high socks gave the overall look great depth. I was somewhat surprised when I noticed that she was wearing a skirt in the winter but then I noticed her wool socks. Not only did the two pair perfectly together but they were her ticket to being able to rock that super fab skirt.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Always dress up and never let the weather get the best of you! Its easy to keep warm and still look great if you try.”