Formal wear during summer can be quite the drag. The last thing we want to have on while it’s roasting hot is something that will weigh us down or stick to us, and unfortunately, formal pieces can be quite guilty of this. This, however, is precisely where the benefits of floral maxi skirts come into play. They’re light, breezy and can easily make an outfit look dressier with their feminine flare. Few garments encapsulate “summer” better than a floral maxi skirt, and with the season fast approaching, what better way to update your wardrobe than by rocking one yourself? Need some inspiration? Take a hint from this fabulous Fashionista right here.

There are a great deal of elements that are stylish about this Fashionista’s outfit, but the one piece that stuck out to me the most was her stunning maxi skirt. It was so incredibly eye-catching that I actually noticed it from pretty far away! With its gorgeous design and delicate material, this piece is the perfect combination of feminine and bohemian. It simply goes to show that by incorporating such a standout print, one can easily make a statement out of this summer staple.

Now, if there is anything that pairs effortlessly with a maxi skirt, it is another fellow SoCal necessity: the crop top. This Fashionista fabulously takes two summertime classics—a crop top and a maxi skirt—and joins them together to create a classy yet casual ensemble. As for accessories, her embellished teardrop earrings contribute to the outfit’s boho flare and effortlessly complement the look. All together, you have a dressy look that is breezy, stylish and perfect for those summer days out and about. Formal without the fuss? Count me in.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Pair simple pieces with brighter, eye-catching designs such as floral print!”