One of my favorite things in fashion is discovering a new use for an old favorite. While these articles of clothing may always remain a top contender in my mind, the fad or trend they were a part of eventually will fade away. It always feels like such a shame to me, hence why I tend to hoard my favorite items way past their expiration date. Yet, in some select cases, the trend or the fad makes a comeback with a twist. The old trend now has the more up-to-date look, and my favorite clothes are back in my regular wardrobe.

When noting this Fashionista’s outfit, this discussed phenomena was exactly what was occurring. She wore a long white tank top with a pair of dark wash shorts and a flannel wrapped around her waist. The flannel may originally seem out of place since the Fashionista was wearing her outfit during the hot summer with temperatures in the high 80s, but it was not. Traditionally, flannels are fall or winter closet staple and their purpose is to keep one warm and cozy. However, by wrapping the flannel around her waist the Fashionista transformed the winter layer into a trendy summer accessory.

To top off her outfit, she wore a pair of black sunglasses, a stack of Lily and Laura bracelets and a black and brown Michael Kohrs cross-body bag. Her outfit was cute yet mellow and perfect for a variety of occasions, whether it be a daytime adventure throughout a new city or a casual summer date night.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “When it comes to my outfit choices, I tend to like to keep it simple and to add just one final touch that makes a statement.”