There is a rumor out there saying that ripped jeans shall not be worn in the winter.That rumor was probably started by someone with no sense of style. Ripped jeans became a trend in the late ’80s during the heavy metal/hard rock era and to this date still remain a leading fashion trend. From wearing them with heels, boots and even high-tops, the weather is always ready for those daring Fashionistas who wear ripped jeans.

Let’s face it though, you have to have thick skin when you are out rocking your ripped jeans because you are more than likely going to bump into a salty person who will make a snarky comment like, “If you wanted ripped jeans you should’ve told me. I have scissors at home.”

This stylish Fashionista here doesn’t let others’ opinions stop her from looking her very best though. You can tell that she has mastered “layering 101” with her outfit choices which include a suede rose-colored racerback tank top, layered with a button-down cardigan and a quilted vest. To add an extra touch of detail to her apparel she wears a stainless steel necklace. Necklaces are a great accessory to wear and a great substitute for a scarf in the winter. To finish her look she tucks her ripped jeans in her knee-high boots, creating a rad and effortless outfit.

Be daring, be bold and don’t let the cold keep you from wearing those ripped jeans you love. If someone tells you that it is not the appropriate weather to wear them or has an ignorant comment, ignore them, you don’t need that type of negative fashion advice in your life.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Dress for yourself, not to impress others.”