Flash back to the ’80s, a time where low-waisted anything was almost non-existent. High-waisted pants, shorts and skirts were the social norm. Within the past few years this ’80s trend has come back into style. High-waisted shorts are a must have in any girl’s summer wardrobe. Often in the summer we see ripped up denim shorts paired with crop tops. While this look is a good go-to for your summer concerts, it may not be ideal for those of us who don’t care to show as much skin. Like most trends, there are many variations. I want to show you that high-waisted shorts can be a good choice for a casual dinner or even a party.

This Fashionista shows off the perfect way to dress up your high-waisted shorts. She started off with a pair of black, lace print fabric shorts. Her shorts are perfect for those who want to try out this ’80s trend, but still keep their look mature and put-together. She paired her shorts with a chiffon tank top. Tucking in the top helps to keeps her figure looking slim. To help dress up her look, she chose a gold statement necklace. Her look consists of three main pieces, and she looks cute and ready to meet her friends for a casual summer dinner.

DIY alert! Are you looking for the perfect pair of high-waisted denim shorts for your upcoming festival? Don’t break the bank on a pair from the mall. Hit up your local thrift store! You can often find high-waisted jeans in the women’s section. Try on a pair that fit you just right. Grab out your scissors and cut them to your desired length. There are thousands of DIY tutorials on YouTube that will walk you through how to distress them or even dye them.

What’s your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be afraid to try out high-waisted bottoms. Like anything, you can’t knock it until you try it. Think they’ll make your back side look all saggy? Try out a fabric pair! They’re more form fitting and will leave less chance of a sagging back!”