Remember a few years ago when we all used to make fun of mom jeans? I admit that I did and other people I knew always did. In most cases these jeans just looked unflattering and ugly. Well, as we all know, high-waisted bottoms have recently made a huge comeback and I’m an enormous fan.

This Fashionista’s outfit is a great example of how the high-waist silhouette has come back into fashion and how the trend can be made to look more modern, instead of old and worn out. I love how this outfit is put together because of how the Fashionista played with the proportions. The shorts paired with the crop top and the longer cut cardigan are the perfect combination. Being able to play with outfit proportions the right way is one of the best things to know when styling an outfit; good proportions in an outfit can seriously make or break your look.

Another reason why I’m absolutely in love with this look is the colors. I adore the light wash of the shorts and the grey of the tank top. The pale pink color of the cardigan really completes the look. The finishing touches added by the purse and ox skull necklace give the ensemble a Southwestern vibe that has a sense of cohesion, making the outfit seem like it was very well thought out.

Trends from the past always make their way back into the present. This trendy silhouette is such a fresh way to wear bottoms after wearing mid-rise and low rise pants for so many years. I love the high-waisted look and I hope it stays a trend for a while longer.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “When I wear anything that’s high-waisted, I like to pair it with a belt so that my waist is more cinched in and defined.”