Every man’s first go-to shoe is not a pair of oxfords or boots. Surprisingly, a man can make the same statement with a pair of kicks! Sneakers are comfortable and casual, and are making a comeback in everyone’s closet.

This Fashionisto is rocking the Abstract Print Sweatshirt and matching sweat shorts from Forever 21. He pairs the outfit with a pair of white-on-white Nike high-top Air Force 1 sneakers. It is best to style the sketchbook-style print with a neutral shoe in order to balance out the outfit. His accessories of choice are a Michael Kors Chronograph Lexington Gold-Tone Stainless watch and a classic black wool fedora.

If you’re not a “sneakerhead,” this doesn’t mean you can’t own a pair of sneakers; they don’t have to be all-white or the most expensive. Personally, I love when sneakers have multiple colors, giving me more of a variety to wear with them. Not to mention, the more variety the shoe has, the more exclusive it is. If you do not know where or when the exclusive sneakers hits shelves, will always keep you updated. Keeping at least a neutral-colored pair and a multi-colored pair will always keep you in the sneaker game; it’s an easy way to create a balance between style and comfort!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “You can never go wrong with a pair of white-on–white Air Force 1s; they are a classic shoe and a soon-to-be vintage item. I always keep a pair of pearly whites in my closet!”