Models always set trends with their off-duty looks. Their favorite pieces vary from long sweaters, leggings, crop tops and jeans. However, in my opinion the best trend they have ever set is biker boots. People have been obsessing over combat boots for a really long time, but now moto boots are taking over the scene.
What’s so special about this unique footwear you ask? No worries, I’ll tell you. Biker boots go well with every situation and every type of body. While combat boots don’t flatter short and curvy people as they do tall and skinny people, moto boots do not have the same issue. The opening at the top helps lengthen the legs and gives the person a thinner silhouette. Also, they add a unique style to any outfit you wear. These booties go well with dresses, rompers, shorts and pants! Plus, with them every outfit looks more cool and casual.
While the snow in Boston continues to dictate that people have to wear rain boots, this Fashionista decided to twist things up for a change. Pairing her beautiful black biker boots with jeans and a big coat, she was still able to bundle up to brave the cold. Given that her entire outfit would be covered up most of the day, thanks to the weather, she decided that wearing something different would spice things up a little. It’s pretty hard to keep up with the weather these days, so to make sure she would be one hundred percent warm, this Fashionista layered up like a pro. First, pants: a must for cold weather. Then a sweater, which keeps warmth close to your body and then to top it off, a long puffer jacket. For special details, she invested in a cute beenie, a classy scarf and of course her beautiful biker boots.
What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Who ever said booties were for tall people, definitely did not know what the hell they were talking about.”