STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Health Goth-Inspired

Ever heard of “health goth?” Similar to the Normcore trend from a few months ago, this trend that some heavy devotees consider to be more like a lifestyle, popped up on the Internet about a year ago. It has recently gained a lot of attention in the mainstream from places like New York Magazine and Marie Claire. The trend focuses on the black on black monochrome look mixed with workout wear, minimalism and functionality. Think Alexander Wang x H&M and Kanye West’s recent adidas collaboration.

This Fashionisto took inspiration from the health goth trend and incorporated it into his everyday look, without going overboard and looking too trendy. His style is focused on dark colors and functionality.

My favorite part of this look is the way he incorporates workout wear into his outfit. He’s wearing a scuba knit sweatshirt underneath his oversized sport coat, mixing traditional luxe with sports luxe. His oversized striped T-shirt brings a little bit of brightness into his look, keeping it from looking too dark and dismal. He tops off his outfit with a pair of trendy New Balance trainers and a silver Alexander Wang for H&M drawstring bag instead of a traditional backpack. This Fashionisto keeps his style interesting while still keeping it minimal and functional, staying true to the health goth trend.

What’s Your Style Advice Of The Week? “Edit. Edit. Edit. Every piece of your outfit should have a purpose, if it doesn’t, take it off.”