We all know those Fashionista/os who own effortless chic styles. Even their everyday casual outfits never cease to amaze us.  The secret is to acquire an individual taste in terms of styling an outfit. Whether it is the right shoes or handbag, coordination is pivotal.

This week I’ll be sharing a Fashionista’s head to toe stylish ensemble. Her outfit is muted yet eye-catching, classy yet exciting. The Fashionista wears a classic coat with edgy leather sleeves.  This duo-texture coat is versatile enough to dress up or down. I especially love the single button closure for a minimal look and the convenience to put on. She wears a pair of destroyed boyfriend jeans; the style that has been made a closet staple in the last few years.

For shoes, she picks a pair of soft taupe ankle booties with brown straps. These neutral footwear give her a boost of height while remain comfortable enough to stroll around. She tucks a check wool scarf in her coat for extra warmth. The peeks of green and camel checkers are a subtle touch. The Fashionista matches the leather sleeves in her coat with a studded leather cross-body bag, which can also act as a clutch. She finishes the look with a simple grey beanie.

The effortless chic look is trendy and put together but not overdone. We can invest in a few pieces like a wool scarf and quality booties to highlight our attire.  The complete finish will be surprising without updating our entire wardrobe.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Simple and neutral clothing have ways to stand out on their own.”