Stripes. While sometimes they are difficult to adjust to varying body types, there are so many varieties that I promise you’ll be able to find a flattering arrangement. I love stripes. And, I don’t discriminate. I like big ones, small ones, colorful ones, plain ones, messy ones, neat ones, vertical ones and horizontal ones. Recently, the underrated stripe has come back into the spotlight as one of the biggest trends right now, especially in black in white.

Don’t believe me? Look to Erdun, the Calvin Klein CollectionThakoon or even Acne Studios. The black and white stripe is making it big this year, according to the aforementioned designer’s 2016 resort shows, and this Fashionista has got it all figured out.

She has gone for a comfy, cotton T-shirt in the understated pattern. Body type is a huge factor in picking out the perfect stripes, and because she has a very narrow upper body, the skinny, horizontal stripes flatter her. They add definition to her waist by running parallel across her upper body in a neat, concentrated pattern. The stripes are very skinny, so there are a lot of them, making it a very busy pattern. However, the black and white coloring ensures that it’s not overwhelming to look at and makes it a more neutral, classy look. Another interesting detail about the top is how the seams around the neck and arms run in the same stripes, just wrapped in circles around the edges of the shirt. This is another great way to flatter the arms and give the cotton T-shirt a more feminine silhouette.

To complete the look this Fashionista has paired her super trendy T-shirt with some basic denim skinnies from Hollister Co.. Their light wash and lack of over dying and over destruction keeps the attention on the T-shirt and forms a base for a very classic look. On the bottom she’s wearing bright white Converse to, again, keep the look simple and classic. I’m also going to give her mega style points for this one; the plain white sneaker is taking the fashion world by storm as well. A big favorite here in Boston is the adidas Originals Superstar worn by a few style icons of our generation like Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevingne. (Yes, they’re all besties.)

For accessories, she’s opted for a simple wrap bracelet and multiple, boho rings. Around her neck she has a delicate, gold necklace with her initial hanging from it. This look is so simple, classic, easy and feminine, and we have those tricky, little stripes to thank for it!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My go-to outfit is jeans and a T-shirt! And that doesn’t mean it has to be some ratty, old denim and some ugly T-shirt you’d work out in. I like a neat pair of skinny jeans with a printed, fitted top. Plus, you can just throw on sneakers, and you’re good to go!”