There seems to be a hat for every season: fitted caps for those warm and bright days; toques for those cold mornings, where all you seek is a snug head embrace; and, of course, the large brimmed hats that come naturally with the first sign of autumn. Though, the latter has undeniably become staple for the year, making appearances during the festival season, fall harvests and, currently, the remainder of one of the roughest winters in a while. One may wonder what makes this malleable mass of wool so appealing. Perhaps it’s the wearer’s ability to style it to fit any occasion—casual or formal.

With this style of hat, the most common color of choice is black, but this Fashionista went for a beige with a touch of brown. All winter days are not dreary, some are clear and bright and this hat provides the sun protection that a toque simply does not.

This Fashionista tied her whole look together with a brimmed floppy wool hat featuring a black ribbon embellishment. The hat works as a statement piece and stands out quite nicely from the rest of the outfit primarily composed of black. Along with all the benefits of a simple toque, this hat also adds character to the overall look.

She opted for a long black moto jacket and styled it with a winter essential, the turtleneck, in a deep mauve. She completes her casual day look with a pair of black trousers that end right above the ankle and are perfectly paired with black pointed toe booties.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: “Don’t be afraid to rock any style of hat, especially when it’s a bad hair day!”