In fashion, the best looks are always created by mixing different trends, textures and styles together in perfect harmony. Two trends are better than one, three better than two and so on. Our Fashionista today proves how multiple trends can be mixed together to create a beautiful and understated outfit. After all, trends are meant to be mixed, not followed.

The main piece from this outfit is the incredibly versatile kimono-style cardigan. This kind of piece is a must-have because if you’re in a rush you can throw it over any basic outfit and instantly add an element of fun and drama to the whole thing. The print and fabric definitely add an ethereal quality that enhances any outfit. This piece also comes in handy during the summertime (especially in a place as hot as Arizona) because you can wear it as a shield from the sun without sweating or overheating.

One of the many ways to wear this cardigan is with the ever-trendy tennis skirt. Pleated mini skirts can be found in a ton of different colors and are such an easy way to inject a casual, sporty vibe into your look. Our Fashionista opted for the method of keeping her skirt black so that it could juxtapose with the print of the cardigan. The neutrality of the outfit also allowed her to more seamlessly mix the different styles and textures together.

Accessories-wise she went with a pair of trusty and perpetually trendy Chelsea boots. The leather of the boots acts as one more different texture and adds some edge to the outfit. The juxtaposition of the hardness of the boots with the softness of the cardigan is another excellent visual element. The kate spade new york bag is one more example of a practical piece that is still aesthetically interesting and works to tie everything together.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Change it up! You don’t have to just follow one aesthetic and always dress that way. One day I’m grunge, the next day I’m preppy and so on. It’s much more fun that way.”