STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Gold Studded Statement

During the winter season as days are shorter and it gets dark earlier, putting effort into an outfit that shows off your true personality can take more motivation than during the hot summer days. The cold makes you want to take the route of comfort over stylish, often avoiding a light color palette. This Fashionista shows that even though some may have the winter blues, she isn’t letting the weather stop her from showing her bright personality.

This Fashionista pairs comfort with a hint of girly edge. The first thing I noticed was the way she paired her gray knit sweater with a bright salmon blouse. Pairing both tops with long sleeves is a smart move to keep her warm when out in the cold. Layering during the winter can sometimes come off as bulky and overwhelming, but she gives off a weightless feeling. She paired her sweater with a casual pair of black leggings, thick enough to keep her warm on her walk to class or to stop for a coffee. Tying into the soft color scheme, This Fashionista donned a pair of beige and pink striped socks, matching very nicely with the likeness of her top, as well as standing out against her leggings. With a preppy feel, this Fashionista chose to keep her collar tucked out, which was a smart choice because it showed the most outstanding feature in her wardrobe—a gold studded accent on her salmon blouse.

The gold stud accents on this Fashionista’s button-down leave her with an edgy look, but not the kind of edgy that would make you turn the other way if you came in contact with her in a dark alley. It’s welcoming and approachable, but also shows off her rad versatility. It’s always important to be cohesive when putting an outfit together, usually by tying a look together with like colors. However, it never hurts to add a little detail in here and there. The gold studs give the perfect effect to make the overall look come together. Remember, just because the weather is cold and drab, it’s never a bad idea to wear colors that look and feel warm.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “When putting together an outfit, I like to think of subtle ways to make myself stand out. I don’t want to be overdressed, but I do want to get noticed. Everyday is a new runway and I need to figure out how to wow the crowd.”