One of my favorite things about summer is the way that most days seem to be endless, but in the best way possible! These few weeks smack dab in the middle of July hold some of the longest days, which only means more hours in the day for activities. Living in a large city like New York City for the summer means that on any given day, one might be out of the house from sunrise until sunset, so it becomes super important to dress for any and all occasions.

Increasingly, I’ll find myself going from grabbing coffee with a friend to a day at work and then maybe straight downtown for some shopping and out to dinner. This type of fast-paced lifestyle can make it difficult to dress for a specific vibe for the whole day, but luckily, I spotted just the Fashionista who found an effortless solution. Her breezy dress has a certain downtown bohemian feel to it that says, “I’m down for anything!”

So, if you feel my pain and are indecisive as to what to wear during these action packed summer days, look no further than this Fashionista’s simple equation of a floaty boho dress à la Free People, a statement necklace and simple ankle boots. This type of easygoing outfit is so great because of its versatility. She can really wear it for any season, from day to night and work to play. For cooler fall temperatures, simply throw a moto jacket and call it a day. The necklace instantly elevates it and works as the only necessary piece of jewelry, while her ankle boots allow her to transcend typical seasonal footwear rules, like sandals in the summer and knee-high boots in the winter. Finally, the dark color palette and subdued floral pattern of her dress allow her to wear it all the way through to the colder months. Not sure what your day will bring? Choose a floaty dress like hers so that you can “go with the flow.”

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Whenever I’m running late but still want to look cute, I’ll throw on a pretty dress and call it a day. Works every time!”