You’ve seen it everywhere from Johnny Depp to Chris Hemsworth—men with the flow. More and more of our guys are growing out their hair and whether that be for fashionable reasons or not, it’s making a statement and it’s working. Urban Dictionary refers to the “flow” as, “long hair that is the perfect length and not too long, which is referred to as the “overflow.” Man buns, ponytails and headbands are growing literally and figuratively on our Fashionistos.

This Fashionisto knows all about sporting a “sick flow,” and he does it with style. I spotted his luscious locks wearing his favorite trend that is also hot right now—the flannel. Flannels are something that aren’t just to be worn in the fall like most people think. It is the perfect piece for those cooler summer days. Whether you rock it around your waist or unbutton it to keep you cool, it can look good in any season. His flowy hair and unbuttoned flannel are the perfect summer night combination.

A flannel is a must-have for every Fashionista and Fashionisto’s closets as we transition from summer to fall. Keep your look simple like this one by pairing your flannel with an easy pair of Levi Brand Jeans and Clarks. Add a personal touch like your favorite handed down watch from your dad and your look is an instant classic.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “The flannel is my favorite thing in my closet. For me, it’s all about comfort and simplicity and my flannel is the most comfortable piece I own. I feel good in it, and it’s hard for me to wear anything else.”