Now that spring is starting to blossom its way out, Fashionistas everywhere are able to let their most adored items make an appearance again. Dresses are the most simplistic item a Fashionista can have in her closet, but they come in so many lengths, styles and patterns, making them one of the most unique and highlighting items a girl can own. It doesn’t matter if you style the dress up or down, because when you have the perfect dress all heads are sure to turn.

I caught this Fashionista wearing a beautiful, ankle-length vintage dress with white polka dot details. Although the dress was an eye-catcher as is, this Fashionista did all the right things when it came to styling. She paired the dress with some simple nude heels, which really complemented the detailing of the dress. She then added red lipstick that she paired with red sunglasses, really sticking to the whole vintage theme. Red was a good choice in terms of color because it really makes this whole look more bold (and you can never go wrong with that). I must say, this Fashionista hit it out of the ballpark with recreating this perfect vintage-inspired look. It’s also an easy look that all you Fashionistas can recreate yourselves.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Dare to be bold and dare to wear a pop of color to make you stand out and radiate because your looks will match your personality, and you will always feel confident.”