Okay, so I don’t actually mean strutting around in your birthday suit. If your summer travels land you in the south of France, there are beaches for that…but for now, let’s keep it covered. I caught this Fashionista in action today and she inspired me to wear more neutrals by putting her own spin on “going nude” for the summer.

As the summer heat nears its peak in July, breathable fabrics are a must. A romper is always a good option for the summer, especially one with a great balance of skin exposure like this one. The sleeves are long, but the bottom shows off a lot of leg, so it creates a nice balance. Typically, we want to steer away from the long sleeves in the summer to avoid overheating. However, the light, flowy material and open cuffs of this romper by Saks Fifth Avenue allow enough airflow to keep you cooled off. The coral pattern is also a great complement to her figure. It wraps around the four corners of the romper and each section comes to a point at the center. This allows accentuation of the waistline, along with the synching at the center of the piece. Patterns like this are always flattering because they draw in the viewer’s eye. When searching for patterns this summer, keep this in mind. Also note that horizontal stripes are a risky choice because they show every curve and can sometimes play up areas where aren’t super confident.

The accessories that this Fashionista chose to accompany her outfit play in the nude/neutral field, too. This small messenger by Tory Burch is perfect for this outfit. It blends in with the neutral base of the romper while also creating a casual, relaxed look that goes great with the flowy material. She also chose the Phoebe sandal by Tory Burch with an ankle strap. The sandals were a great choice because they are slightly more sophisticated than a slip-on sandal yet they still give the outfit a casual feel. (They’re sold out nationally, but click here for a super cute Tory alternative.) As for jewelry, she kept it fun and simple on the arms by adding a few mix and match pieces from J.Crew and Anthropologie that flair up the majority neutral outfit. She went with a stud earring and a bare neck to avoid clashing with the pattern and fighting with the buttons on the neckline.

If you want to change it up a little bit, swap out the sandals for some subtle wedges and change the messenger for a cute clutch. These swift swap outs take the outfit from afternoon brunch to summer sortie.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Go nude! Try to blend some neutral pieces this summer and see what you can come up with! It’s fun to experiment with different accessories too. You can make the same outfit look totally different that way!”