Every Fashionista/o can relate to the struggle of dressing fashionably for class, then having to cover up their outfit with a winter jacket for the majority of your day. This problem (is a very serious one, in my opinion) can be solved by making your jacket and outerwear just as much of a statement as the rest of your outfit.

In a previous post, I describe the importance of a sturdy pair of boots. Another obvious winter essential is a reliable coat. When shopping for these, the struggle of fashion versus function can be difficult to work out. For this Fashionista, the solution was to find a jacket that had both qualities.

This Fashionista wears a longer green anorak with a fur hood to match with her boots and knitted hat. This piece is perfect for winter because its unique trait—the length—is what makes it so warm and cozy. Instead of acting as an accent on the hood like fur usually does, the faux fur lines the entire hood for optimal warmth.

The rise of the parka, specifically in this shade of green, dominates Northern college campuses. They are comfortable, fun, warm and they match everything. The green goes great with a simple pair of jeans in this Fashionista’s look but can also match nearly any color or offset an interesting pair of patterned pants.

In this case accessory-wise, she opted for a simple knit hat and black boots from L.L.Bean to go with the natural shade of the parka. An accent of turquoise in her necklace pulled the look together. Showing a peek of the shirt underneath is a great way to get some color into this outdoorsy look and can also be achieved by matching with a colorful scarf.

While this Fashionista’s jacket is an anorak, this look can be recreated with a knee-length puffy coat or peacoat. So next time you have to make your trek to class, you can cover-up your outfit with a smile.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Keeping warm is a must in upstate New York, so find a jacket that you love wearing! With a versatile jacket, transforming your look with hats and scarves is an easy way to change it up and get you through the winter without it feeling monotonous.”