We all need those few articles of clothing that match with almost anything in our closet; constantly searching for that top or bottom that ties everything together. It sometimes can be hard to find, so let’s get down to the basics! Scoop necks, V-necks, tanks, leggings and jeans are all the perfect pieces that will help you survive whatever daily outing you have planned. No matter what your day entails these items will make for a cute outfit no matter how to put them together. They are good for layering or for acting as a base for a very loud or colorful ensemble.

Here is a Fashionista that utilizes those essential pieces to rock her grunge street wear! I was initially drawn to this look because of the way basics were used to create something fashionable to wear without trying so hard. The distressed skinny jeans are light enough to open up the darkness of the gray crop top and heaviness of the plaid button-down. She adds a pair of navy Vans that mimic the blue in the plaid shirt wrapped around her hips. Everything is topped off with a tan side bag, dark lensed sunglasses and a beaded waist chain. It all ties together to create a perfect grunge streetwear.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “It’s all about comfort for an everyday look like this. Skinny jeans, a tank top and sneakers are perfect for the summer. When the jeans are high-waisted, go for a crop top. Put your own flare to a simple outfit like this by layering with a patterned button-down and accessories.”