Summertime can be tricky when it comes to clothing as some days it’s humid and hot, while other days it’s raining and cold. One way to keep yourself comfortable and cool (no matter what the weather) is to wear long and flowy material. With the music festivals come and gone, we have picked up on some of the hottest trends for the summer. Like most summers past, the maxi dress is back in, but it comes back in a whole new way. Sheer material and open backs are what’s hot and this Fashionista is on the boat to success.

This Fashionista’s dress has a faded aztec print that goes along great with her casual vibe. Minimalist material lets the outfit look simple and effortless while her hair is in a light wave with a side twist that gathers in the back, helping add to the simplistic feel boho goes for. The presence of gold is shown throughout this Fashionista’s outfit. On her wrists she pairs bangles with charm bracelets that show off her personality and she spices it up by wearing faux diamond earrings for contrast.

You can tell this Fashionista knows what she wants with her style and unlike most, she pairs the usual with the unusual. Adding some glitz and glam to boho is not something we see everyday, but she rocks it. Fashion is all about adding your own spin to an ordinary outfit and this Fashionista gets an A+!

Get this look by finding a lightweight maxi dress and pairing it with any statement jewelry. You could even wear it with a oversized cardigan if the night gets too cold. Keep it comfy by putting together your look with sandals, or go for some chunky wedges to bring the glitz back to the outfit.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Have fun and dress outside the lines as staying with the status quo on outfits is boring. Learn how to create an ensemble that is all your own because people will notice!”