I, as a Fashionista, strongly believe in dressing for the occasion. For any occasion, big or small, I tend to lean to the idea of over dressing but try to catch myself. Luckily for people like me, we have wonderful roommates in college to stop us. Though during the summer it’s even easier to dress up, and harder to stop myself, as the options seem endless. Though unlike this Fashionista, a big part of my daily outfit I struggle with when going out is accessorizing.

This Fashionista dressed for attending a wedding beautifully. As the Anthropologie tea length red dress is quite a beautiful piece by itself. Having the extra length at the bottom here and there leads to a less serious dress for the very happy occasion. And adding her versatile Calvin Klein nude heels keeps her outfit dressed up and flirty.

As I looked at this outfit at a glance and longer, I was drawn to how this Fashionista added simple gold accessories that gave her look a special flare. As they complement every part of her outfit separately and as a whole, I simply could not stop looking. Having the simple bangles on one wrist and a single bracelet with a little design keeps her accessories simple and complimenting to the red and design on her dress. For a final touch this Fashionista decided to wear unique and very fashionable round Madewell sunglasses.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My goal of my wardrobe was never to fit in I’ve always bought clothes that feel comfortable not just physically but also on a spiritual and emotional level. My advice is to always be true to your soul and be comfortable and fashionable in whatever you do no matter the cost.”