School is out and summer fashion is in full swing! It’s time to clean out your winter wardrobe and trade your grayscale sweaters for some sunny skirts. Colors and prints have always been a staple in the summer season and they are here to stay. One of my favorite trends of this season is bold, patterned skirts.

When someone chooses to wear a bold pattern, they are able to make their outfit more vivacious. A lot of people are hesitant about wearing bold print for fear of being too edgy. One trick to feel more comfortable when wearing patterns is to pair the print with simple pieces and accessories. Mixing solids with prints will not only create a cohesive look, it will also highlight the pattern as the star of the outfit.

This Fashionista is a pro at patterns. She constructed a beautiful head scarf and skirt from a traditional West African style print. She brought the outfit together by pairing the bold separates with a classic denim shirt and neutral jewelry. Mixing bold patterns with solid pieces are a must for this outfit. Too many colors and patterns can look too busy to the eye. To finish off this rad outfit, the Fashionista brings the color from the denim shirt into her sleek baby blue pumps. This outfit is the perfect balance of bold and classy. She pulls it off like a true Fashionista.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Go for bold! Anyone has the ability to pull off crazy colors and patterns when they are matched with the right accessories.”