One of the girliest trends that I’m a big sucker for is floral prints. Whether it be pants, rompers, crop tops or dresses, if it’s in floral print I (usually) instinctively find a home for it in my wardrobe. With spring finally upon us and the foliage getting brighter and fuller each day, it’s becoming increasingly more appropriate to start incorporating springy floral prints into my daily outfits.  I stumbled upon this cutely dressed Fashionista downtown as she was heading to her classes, and without fail I fell absolutely in love with her floral slip in a matter of seconds.

To add some edge to her look, she paired a destroyed long boyfriend cardigan over her beautiful sheer floral dress. Keeping the cardigan long kept her outfit looking whimsical and cozy. To add to her edginess, she matched a pair of navy Converse with the blue in her dress. I absolutely loved this part of her outfit. Choosing a pair of sneakers over sandals or booties emphasized the boyish feel of this otherwise girly look. She was cutely accessorized with silver rings, dark tights and a light gray backpack. Once I was done examining her outfit, I was practically drooling over each piece.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Always have a long cardigan at hand! This one is probably my favorite piece of clothing that I own and I’m in love with it. It’s perfect for layering and it truly keeps me warm—not to mention it’s super cute.”